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Why use this site?
Firstly, it’s FREE! You will NEVER be asked to pay anything, all the information you need to buy or sell properties going through the foreclosure process will be provided at absolutely no charge to you. We will never give you “teaser” information and then want you to pay for the details, we share everything with you.

Because we are Realtors, we want to work with you to help you. In a foreclosure situation the Lenders, the Mortgage Holders, will pay our commissions whether you are a Buyer or Seller.

Are you facing foreclosure?
If you are facing a foreclosure situation, click on the “Facing Foreclosure?” button at the top left of the page for information on how you can avoid the foreclosure process.

If you are looking to buy a home in foreclosure:
How does it work?

We have access to information on properties in pre foreclosure from a variety of sources:

Firstly, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for Texas alone lists well over 1,000 (+/-) homes as being in pre foreclosure status with lenders willing to consider a Short Sale offer. If you are new to foreclosure investing and not familiar with the term, go to our “Short Sale” page, we explain the process in detail.

Secondly, we pay for access to information services that notify us as soon as a Homeowner receives a Notice of Default or a Lis Pendens is placed on the home. We then contact these owners and explain how we can help them sell their homes and avoid a foreclosure, even if the mortgage amount owing is more than the current value of the home. That is where the Short Sale comes into play.

Lastly, through this web site, other advertising and word of mouth from Sellers we’ve been able to help, owners facing foreclosure contact us to see what we can do to help then avoid a foreclosure.

Why would you use us?
Why should you use a Realtor to help you find a foreclosure property? Because buying a property in foreclosure is not a straightforward real estate transaction, for either the Buyer or the Seller. There are a lot of potential pitfalls that can result in a lost sale or even worse, expensive legal problems. We work with and co-ordinate the Buyer, the Seller, the Bank or Mortgage holder, the Title Company, the Broker giving the Broker’s Price Opinion, the Home Inspector, the Contractor and anyone else involved in the process such as your legal advisor.

How do you receive the information?
Once you indicate an interest in working with us (at no cost to you, remember) we find out what you are looking for, area, size of home, price range, etc and start sending you information on suitable homes. When you are ready, we will take you to inspect them and hopefully help you write up a contract AT WAY BELOW THE HOME’S MARKET VALUE. If you can’t get the home at a substantial discount, you might as well buy a regularly listed property. That is what foreclosure investing is all about.
As an added bonus, Sellers are usually relieved to have found a way out from a difficult situation.

Not in our Area?
No problem. Contact us anyway. We will be happy to discuss your situation with you and find you a suitably experienced Realtor in your area.

For Buyers and Sellers – A WIN-WIN situation.
Everyone wins. The Buyer gets to buy a home below the maket value, the Seller avoids the unpleasantness and credit hit of a foreclosure and the Lender avoids the expense, delay and uncertainty of foreclosing on a property they do not want to own.

Facing Foreclosure?